Sports Coordinator: Mr. Howie St Aimee

Assistant Sports Coordinator: Mr. Stephen Charles

Sports Committee:

  • Mr. Marc Antoine
  • Mr. Zial William
  • Mr. Vincent Jn Phillip
  • Mr. Deltus Jn Philip
  • Ms. Chrisentia Combie
  • Mrs. Emina Antoine
  • Mrs. Vertilia Stanislas- Pascal


The Junior and senior teams at SCSS has been thriving in the 3 mentioned sporting disciplines, creating havoc in their wake. The students, who always strive for success are coached by dedicated teachers, Mr St Amime, Mr Charles, Mr  Deltus Jn Phillip, Mr Mark Antoine, Ms Melita Mathurin, Ms Shenelle Ferguson, Mr Jn Phillip (IRONMAN).

Those teachers push the students to achieve maximum sporting potential in an effort to ensure that the spirit of motivation, teamwork and love for the sport is well inculcated in their anatomy.

So far the  SCSS has attained victories in all three disciplines as well as some defeats which we have learnt from.  At SCSS we use an old Chinese saying; one which seeks to allow us self reflection and increased motivation when defeated:

“… there are no lessons learnt in victory, but a thousand in defeat…”

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The Ira house masters and outstanding athletes posing for a picture
The Ira house masters and outstanding athletes posing for a picture.




In the photo above the four house colours are painted proudly on the school….a clear show of our dominating sporting culture at the SCSS


From the Dawn of time S.C.S.S has dominated Netball and in this, our 21st century, we have grown to dominate many other sporting disciplines; for it is our motto that the all work and play certainly makes jack a dull boy .