SCSS wins “Excellence Award” in RBC/RBTT Young Leaders Programme

16 Jun

The SCSS young leaders has done it again; having headed by Ms Nikita Isaac and Ms Zanda Desir, the students earned a valuable second place in the young leaders competition out of a total of eight secondary schools competing. The school was awarded a trophy, three thousand dollars and every student involved in the project was awarded a 75 dollar gift voucher. Furthermore, certificates of excellence were awarded to every student participating in the project.

Moreover, the coordinators not only received monetary prices but, the satisfaction of  student engagement in meaningful school activity was more reward than anyone can ask for.

Cheers again to our continual SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!

9 Replies to “SCSS wins “Excellence Award” in RBC/RBTT Young Leaders Programme

  1. Congratulations to all the students and coordinators involved! Looking forward to more success next year.

  2. Congratulations SCSS Young Leaders. You continue to excel and to prove that being Steadfast in your work truly pays off.

  3. I know how hard you work, and that you have the potential to be even greater. I used to belong to the Young Leaders when I attended SCSS. You have my full support.

    • Thank you Timna Mc Doom on your unwavering support. We trust that you continue to seek inspiration from your years of service at our noble institution so that you may inspire those to come.

    • Thank you Mr Charde for you comment…indeed we recognize that our neighbour placed first and from all of us at SCSS “we congratulate you on your achievement.” Our motto therefore is a simple one; “…there are no lessons learnt in victory , but a thousand in defeat”

      • Not if you continue winning. 3 consecutive years of winning this title of distinction merely keeps our engine well oiled to win yet another yr.

        • My Sir, please note that it is written…”..the race isn’t for the swift…rather for those who can endure till the end…….”

  4. Congratulations to the Young Leaders of SCSS, your hard work and dedication really paid off. Choiseul Secondary look out! We’re coming for you next year.

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