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Steadfast in work and Example


“To transmit knowledge and skills, to develop positive social values, to facilitate the full     development of each student’s potential, through the cooperative efforts ofter staff, parents and all other stakeholders.”






     1. Students must be properly dressed in full school uniform on all school days. Students must always be neat, tidy and well groomed. Hair colour is prohibited. Designs in hair are prohibited. Students are allowed to wear ONE chain (which must be tucked under shirt) and ONE ring. No other jewellery is allowed.

    2. Students must attend school regularly and punctually. Students who are late for school must report to the office. Students who are absent from school must submit a letter to their homeroom teacher from their parent/ guardian stating the reason for their absence from school immediately on their return to school. (Parents are expected to co-operate by notifying the school of impeding absentees by providing the school with a note).

    3.  Students must not leave the school premises during school hours without permission from their homeroom teacher or principal. Students must submit a letter from their parent/guardian requesting permission to be off the school’s compound during school hours. This permission will be confirmed by the issuance of a pass.

    4. Students must not sit on the desks or tables.

    5. Students must not eat in class during lessons.

    6. Students must not litter their classroom or the school’s compound.

    7. Students must not willfully engage in conduct which disrupts teaching.

    8. Homework assignments must be done and presented on time and in a satisfactory manner.

    9. Students are expected to participate in activities organised by the school such  as debates, lectures, speeches or sporting activities whenever selected.

    10. Students must not purchase items from the canteen during class time.

    11. Indiscriminate use of time spent at school is an offense. At all times, students must be engaged in constructive activity.

    12. Students’ cellular phones must not be seen or heard on the school compound. They   must be switched off before students enter the school compound.

    13. Other electronic devices such as Ipods and mp3 players must not be brought to school. The school will not be responsible if these items are lost or stolen.

    14. Students must respect themselves and all other persons at all times. Students must follow instructions given by the principal, teachers, counselor and others in

    15. Students must not use offensive or obscene language in or out of school.

    16. Students must not abuse or willfully destroy school’s property or the property of others. They must not willfully deface the walls, notices or posters which have been pinned by those in authority.

    17. All visitors to the school must first report to the office to seek permission to visit students. Students shall not hold discussion on the compound with members of the public unless permission is granted by the Principal or teachers.

    18. Students must not steal, commit forgery, furnish false information or alter school records, such as that on their report books.

    19. They must not quarrel or induce a quarrel; fight or induce a fight, wound or cause bodily injuries to others in or out of school.

     20. Students must not smoke or consume alcoholic beverages.

    21. Students must not promote, possess or use illegal drugs.

    22. Students must not be in possession of knives, firearms or other dangerous implements or weapons on the school compound.

    23. Students must not view or be in possession of obscene diagrams, pictures, or pornographic literature or videos.

    24. Students participation in public social activities is prohibited. These activities include public dances, night clubs, public beauty contests, partisan political activities   and public shows after 8:00 pm. Students are not expected to be loitering the streets and countryside after 9:00 p.m.

    (note: Students can be subjected to periodic search by the staff.)

     The course offered at the school is designed for five years. Students must therefore make maximum use of their schooling so that they may be successful and become responsible, reliable, desirable and productive citizens. They must spend a few hours at home every day, to revise and consolidate their schooling in an effort to reap maximum result.

    Students who fail to show progress or who fail to observe the school’s rules will be recommended for dismissal. The school will not allow a few students to disrupt or impede the educational progress of the majority who are eager to learn, neither will it allow them to destroy or tarnish the name of the school.———- Discipline will be strictly enforced.




    School’s Anthem         images

    We all salute in one accord

    This school placed in our trust

    This legacy by those who strove

    To meet the needs of youth.


    To foster and to raise

    Our joyous song of praise

    Our hopes and dreams in thee we place

    The sons and daughters here.


    Let us now leave within these walls

    The mark of love and fame

    That those who chance to pass the same

    May feel entwined with thee.




    Be steadfast in what’er is good

    And never cease to try

    That unity and God’s true grace

    Forever be our guide





     Words and Music by Mr. Gaspard Charlemagne